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Cameron Ben Isaac Brown -
92 Chesterfield Road Bristol , BS6 5DR England

I value efficiency above all things - I try to be succinct, effective and mindful at all times. I accept that mistakes are part of the learning process, so rather than being discouraged by them, I find them to enthuse my creativity. Of course, in the light of perfection, all things are mistakes - this way of thinking allows me to pursue self improvement without bounds.


For a full and maintained list of skills, see my linkedin profile

problem solving

I'm proficient in both logical and lateral thinking, and can switch between them depending on the nature of the problem at hand.

For me, problem solving is not just about fixing what's broken - it's also about refining and simplifying what already works, analysing the current solution, refactoring to account for potential problems, and making generalisations in order to simplify the problem itself.


I see the "leadership" role as the unifier of the group: instead of forcing people in a direction (leading them) the aim is to join them under a common goal. A leader will succeed if he delegates tasks and sets individual goals, but for it to be enjoyable he must let them delegate their own tasks and set goals for the group. This way a higher level of engagement and quality of work is achieved.


I have experience with various programming and scripting languages, in order of proficiency and preference:

  1. JavaScript
  2. PHP
  3. Python
  4. Bash
  5. SQL
  6. ActionScript
  7. Java

I have a great deal of experience with object oriented and event driven programming, as well as the universal concepts such as inheritance, maintaining scope, regex and recursion.

designing for the web

I have experience with several modern JS frameworks, including Vue.js and Angular.

I've also worked with the WebSocket protocol to make a reactive single page web application, while working for Simitive.

I can effectively use resources such as GitHub and StackOverflow to avoid "re-inventing the wheel", and am a keen advocate of agile development methodologies, especially when developing for the web.